Angela Karam

Angela Marie Karam was born in San Antonio, Texas. As a graduate of St. Mary’s University (BA) and the University of Colorado Boulder (MA), she has spent her career as a designer of educational materials, mainly using technology as her delivery medium. She moved to Austin in 2007 to pursue a PhD in Learning Technology at the University of Texas. She presently works in mobile application development as a designer and consultant. Though academia and technology have encased her career, her true passion has always been painting and drawing.


Angela’s nephew, Liam has Downs Syndrome.  With his infectious smile and zest for life, he has been an inspiration to all around him. When the opportunity to support Downs Syndrome research presented itself, it seemed like a wonderful way to utilize her artistic talents to show her love for Liam, Stella, and all those who walk this unique road.


Each page of Stella and the Little Tree was hand painted with watercolors and abundant love.